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Try Our Most Popular Anti Aging Products Decollette Pads for Chest Wrinkles

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The Ageless Secret Sun Lovers Mist

AC - 2000
1.50 LBS
$1.50 (Fixed shipping cost)

Product Description


We all know how hard the sun is on the skin. Well, with using The Ageless Secret “Sun Lovers Mist” you can really help to mitigate the suns effect on the skin. Basically the sun damages the collagen fibers and that accelerates the appearance of aging. The Ageless Secret Sun Lovers Mist will really help you slow down the effects of the sun on your skin. This is a fantastic value at the price! Completely safe to use around your eyes and lips too! Non greasy and leaves the skin with a “silky” feeling! It’s totally refreshing for the skin and is safe for all ages. Again, it’s GREEN and ORGANIC! Take it and use it for all your outdoor sports, and outdoor recreation. Use our sun lovers mist anywhere you and the sun meet face to face!

  • Protects Against Accelerated Aging from the Sun
  • Safe to use around eyes and on lips
  • Contains SENEW Water™, Subtle Energy Nucleated Emulsified Water
  • Leaves Skin Feeling Silky Smooth without feeling greasy
  • Refreshing. Safe for all ages and skin types.

Ageless Secret Sun Lovers Mist absorbs UV in the range of 237 – 277nm, which is UV C. Because Ageless Secret Sun Lovers Mist absorbs UV C, it can give you added protection against accelerated aging of your skin.

It does not absorb UV B and is therefore not marketed as a Sun Block product.

For even better results use in combination with The Ageless Secret Energetic Anti-Aging Skin Serum and The Ageless Secret Gold!

Instructions for use:
Simple. Spray and go. If using a sunscreen, apply before. Results in the sun vary from person to person. We recommend this test: Try The Ageless Secret Sun Lovers Mist™ on one forearm without sunscreen, and use it repeatedly when out in the sun to keep your skin properly hydrated. Then you will know how well it works to help your skin stay soft and supple, even in the sun.  Since it does not block Vitamin D production you may get a nice tan too!


If you are not completely satisfied with The Ageless Secret products, we'll give you your money back!

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"Amazing product!!...The decollette pads work great to prevent chest wrinkles. After the first night my chest wrinkles were almost gone. I will never sleep without them" - (Betty)

"I thought this product would be uncomfortable and it's not at all. Excellent quality!" - (Michelle)

"Baby Foot is REVOLUTIONARY! I have always had dry, cracked, hard feet and thought there was nothing I could do about it. I have tried hundreds of foot products, anywhere from lotions, exfoliators, scrubs, to crazy looking tools...Nothing worked. My feet are now beautiful, smooth and soft. Baby Foot is gentle, easy and most importantly - it works exactly the way it says it is going to. Thank you Baby Foot" - (Tara)

"Until I found these decollette pads I thought there was no hope for those deep creases on my chest from years of too much sun and sleeping on my side. After just one night of wearing the pad, the creases were gone! I wear it every night and couldn't be happier with the results!" - (Nancy)

"Wow! I love it. And I’m saving money because I use less facial creams. The Ageless Secret does everything it says and more." - (Yvonne)

"I carry a bottle of Ageless Secret in my purse at all times, mist whenever/wherever I am, and it refreshes me...especially mid-afternoon when I need a little boost. It always makes me smile, because I know my skin looks beautifully dewy and is being super-nourished, and I have a secret......AGELESS SECRET." - (Cheri)

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